Hello? It's Landline.



Frank D’s Barbershop & Convenience Store

Frank Dodd, born in Marietta, Georgia, has been cutting hair for over 30 years. For the last nine years, he’s been cutting hair at Frank D’s Barber Shop, on the ground floor of 209 Pearl Street. In 2018, inspired by the other changes taking place at 209...

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The demolition is done, and we’re moving forward

Since our last post, we've been busy pulling down walls, ripping up old carpet, and filling dumpsters. Working with our architect, we've also finalized our plans for Landline, which you can see here. Initially, we'd only planned on having seven offices, and reserving...

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Announcing Landline

Hello. Today is our first day talking publicly about Landline Creative Labs and our plans to redevelop 209 Pearl Street in downtown Ypsilanti. If we’d had it our way, we would have waited until the entire deal was done before going public, but, given that we have to...

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